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I´m a scenographer and visual artist working with object theatre, site specific explorations and material processes. I explore the way in which materials move, transform, drip, change, grow and try to extend this process live. My works are often a mix of different media, such as sound, sculpture, costume, video, photography and text. Humor and playfulness is important to me. I often use analogue or d.i.y techniques found on youtube tutorials or in traditional craft techniques. I seek these techniques as a way of exploring the age we live in, determined by the rapidness and mysteriousness of technology, where our connection and understanding of our own surroundings is more and more distanced. Thematically I´m interested in the relation between the so-called natural and so-called human world, and what it means to be human in relation to other species. My work is mainly collaborative, but I also nerd out solo in certain projects. From 2020 - 2022 I have been active as a producer and projectleader for the Oslobased performance company Øyteateret, which you can learn about here! 

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